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sunday summary #9

sunday summary #9

even though 2018 is still 2.5 months away, i already got my hands on my ink+volt planner to start in january. i have absolutely loved my undated ink+volt planner that i'm using right now, but i have to admit i'm looking forward to having one that is dated and all stet up for me. 

i love packages and shiny new things. i was so excited to open my new planner and i'm still looking out for my copy of How to Behave in a Crowd to arrive and i also bought myself two new writing pens this week, even though it's been a really off, unproductive week. the only thing i've wanted to do in the past few days is lay in bed and yet somehow a couple of shiny Faber-Castell pens and a new tube of Gamblin oil paint can convince me that one day i will have the drive and energy and hope to get me up and moving and working again. 

i'm having trouble finding words, even to describe how down i've been this week.


what i'm reading / i finished Braving the Wilderness this week and i've dabbled with a few Raymond Carver short stories. 

what i'm listening to / lady gaga's new song grigio girls, which speaks to me on a soul level. 

what i'm fearful of / the fact that i am spending so much time in bed. the fact that i feel really apathetic and listless and directionless. the fact that i've felt this way before and the fact that it took me so long to climb out of that hole. 

what i'm about to do / sleep, i guess. and then get up and face a new week. 

sunday summary #8

sunday summary #8