sunday summary #3

sunday summary #3

what i'm reading / i haven’t quite finished "sorry to disturb the peace” yet, but i’m liking it… i’m thinking a lot about essays right now so i picked up my old “touchstone anthology of contemporary creative nonfiction” from my longform essay class last year…and i’m also thinking a lot about how to apply for jobs without feeling like a complete fraud so i ended up ordering "you are a badass" by jen sincero. just like my book pile, i’m a little all over the place this week.

what i'm writing / there’s this essay that i have been chipping away at for over a year now. it’s like i’m chiseling away at marble and i know there’s a sculpture inside, but there’s just a shit ton of rock in the way. i keep picking it up and working with little ideas and then getting stuck in my own mind. the story’s just not quite done yet and so i’m going to keep chipping away at it, working until the finished product appears before me. 

what i'm thinking / that i have so much work to do in my life right now. that i am in this place of in-between and job-less-ness and while it is so f*cking scary to contemplate how long my savings will last me, it is also amazing because there is so much potential and room for exploration and growth. for the first time in a long time, i get up wanting to do work, wanting to write, and having time to do it. 


what i'm listening to / “conrad" by ben howard and "you don’t know my heart" by rachel platten…also a lot of "atlas: space” by sleeping at last.

what i'm hoping / that fall will be chilly and that winter will be cold. or maybe that i will get into an MFA program in the PNW. 

what i'm fearful of / sabotaging my potential because of things i believe about myself, thing that feel true but aren’t. 

what i'm about to do / clean out my dear old car and then drive two hours to chattanooga to meet someone i haven’t seen in a really long time. 

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sunday summary #4

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