sunday summary #1

sunday summary #1

12:21 pm / aug 20

what i'm reading / letters to a young poet by rainer maria rilke

what i'm writing / i'm doing a lot of work on my fledgling newsletter and other small things that are emerging from the class on pitching i'm taking through catapult (i've only finished the first week, but i absolutely would encourage any writer who's stuck in a rut to check out the catapult class listings - be ready to drool). i'm letting an essay rest this week because i've been banging my head against a wall trying to dig into it deeper and make things flow and it was time to let it be for now. 

what i'm thinking / that i'm a terrible succulent mother and that i don't drink nearly enough water and that i should really do better at keeping my desk clear of dirty dishes and miscellaneous paperwork. 

what i'm listening to / the tragedy of limerence by sophie elizabeth


what i'm hoping / that in 2024 i will have more of my life together and i'll make plans in advance to travel to see the eclipse and be present enough to remember to buy proper eye gear.  

what i'm fearful of / that this tightness in my gut, in my throat, is here forever to send my thoughts into tailspins and make every single tiny moment feel urgent and precarious. that i'll never learn to actually say what i mean, learn to write what is true and real in my mind. that my fears will grow to have more power over me than i do over myself. 

what i'm about to do / make eggy-toast for a very late breakfast and prepare myself for my 6th to last shift as a barista (for now). 

sunday summary #2